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Please Note: The following pictures are about four years old. I left them on the new site thinking maybe you would like to see them. As part of the web sites revamp, there will be other pictures coming on here soon!

Heading away from the turntable.


One of John's many Great Norhtern passenger trains.


I couldn't resist putting my Alaska RailRoad SD70MACs in.


This is our Freedom Train...


You gotta love that North Western feeling.

This is a picture of Rusty's beautiful Steam engine.


As promised, here's one of Judd's PRR engines.


Skip's autorack trains with the working ditch lights flashing!


Skip's Autorack train.


Kind of a fuzzy picture but still cool to see those two coming out of the underpass.


Judd thinking hard about putting a switch in.


One side of the layout being built in the Old Warwick Courthouse.


The reverse loop of the new layout (note the pretty colors!)...


Jerry's steam and Gary's L&N meet, talk about transition era!


This is Gary's "Garbage Scowl"...


At the curve....


A little Black and Gold for you, the way Hoosier colors ought to be.


Even more L&N, are you happy yet Gary? :-)