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The Clubs Past History

The Peninsula Model Railroad Club (PMRRC) was formed in the mid 1970's, in the back room of the Grafton Hobby Shop in York County, Virginia. The initial membership was 13. Soon after the Club moved to a storage locker and started a new layout. It was not large enough.

Space became an issue almost immediately and the search for a new home began. In 1978 through the efforts of Robert "Bob" C. Coviello, we were able to lease the old passenger waiting room in the Lee Hall Depot. The layout was moved in and immediate work begun on enlarging. This layout eventually reached 26 feet by 21 feet in overall size. The shape was kind of a big question mark, and could run up to 5 trains. Several pictures of the layout were published in the Walther's Catalog.

In the early 90's

The membership reached over 40 members. A vote was taken to remove the layout and rebuild. Several plans were submitted and a final plan was approved. The layout would be in the shape of an 'E' and have the ability to run up to 13 trains and a trolley. Control would be made by using Aristocraft Radio Throttles.

During the late 1980's

The club also became interested in N-Trak modules. We began doing various train shows in the area. Also, several mall shows were conducted. We eventually could expand up to 12 feet X 22 feet with just the clubs modules.

Around 2001:

Our time in the Lee Hall Depot came to an end as CSX gave the building to the City of Newport News. The last few years at the station became difficult as the public utilities were lost. But the Museum Department of Newport News stepped up and found us space in the Old Courthouse in Denbigh. We did not have space for a fixed layout but started using our modules.

Around 2006:

We branched out again in two new directions, T-Trak and DCC. We began traveling with just the T-Trak modules/layout. We went
and purchased folding tables, they extend to 36 Inches high. And now travel with minimal show support.

Great things occurred in 2010:

The Newport News Department of Parks and Recreation gave us use of a room at the Denbigh Community Center Annex, while we wait to return to the Lee Hall Depot. We have a new layout under construction. This layout is being built to be returned to the depot. The layout is 16.5 feet by 22 feet, and represents the area extending for Newport News to Richmond, during the Steam to Diesel era of the late 50's to early 60's. Also in the room is a T-Trak layout.