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Please Note: The following pictures are over four years old. I left them on the new site thinking maybe you would like to see them.

Heading away from the turntable.


One of John's many Great Norhtern passenger trains.


I couldn't resist putting my Alaska RailRoad SD70MACs in.


This is our Freedom Train...


You gotta love that North Western feeling.

This is a picture of Rusty's beautiful Steam engine.


As promised, here's one of Judd's PRR engines.


Skip's autorack trains with the working ditch lights flashing!


Skip's Autorack train.


Kind of a fuzzy picture but still cool to see those two coming out of the underpass.


Judd thinking hard about putting a switch in.


One side of the layout being built in the Old Warwick Courthouse.


The reverse loop of the new layout (note the pretty colors!)...


Jerry's steam and Gary's L&N meet, talk about transition era!


This is Gary's "Garbage Scowl"...


At the curve....


A little Black and Gold for you, the way Hoosier colors ought to be.


Even more L&N, are you happy yet Gary? :-)



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