Peninsula Model Rail Road Club - Newport News, VA

Home of the: Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. - Peninsula Subdivision

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Finding Us!

Web page Updated: August 30, 2013

Please Note:

The following information is to tell and show you how to locate us. Below you will find pictures and a Map to help you find our club.

Our Address (Non-Mailing Address):

Courthouse Way Community Center 
(formerly called the Denbigh Community Center)(used to be a school)
14302 Old Court House Way
Newport News, VA 23602

The above map shows the aerial view as to where we are located.

This is what Denbigh Community Center looks like on Old Court House Way
Facing the front of the building. There is a side walk to your right.

As you are walking down the sidewalk. You will see this sign on the wall with our club's name:
'Peninsula Model Railroad Club'

As you look to your left, you will see the entrance to the building.
You will enter the building through the doors. And as you walk the hall, you will see the door as pictured below.

Please Note:   When they are having a ball game going outside. This door will be locked by the Community Center for security reasons. So please enter the building from the front. If you haven't been there before, just tell the security guard at the front desk. You are there to visit our club and he will be happy to show you the way to our club.